Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fanboy Orgasm with Star Wars: The Old Republic in HD

Created by Blur Studios, for the Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, this awesome Jedi versus Sith cinematic blows away hands down anything else ever produced for the Star Wars franchise ... live action OR animation. If someone does not jump on this creative team to produce a full new Star Wars Old Republic movie then someone is missing out on hundreds of millions of dollars of opportunity. In a few minutes of ingenious choreographed The Old Republicanimated mayhem, I have fallen in fanboy love with these characters and universe. I want more. Surely, even George Lucas can see the potential to breathe some new life into the Star Wars franchise by capitalizing on a new story arc that has nothing to do with his other six (will it ever be nine?) movies, It would bring in new fans as well as thrill the old loyal guard of diehards who will always put down their hard earned cash on Star Wars goodness . It is keenly frustrating to see true genius go untapped and doomed to be stalled out and not have the chance to realize its fullest potential. Blur, Lucas, the powers that be, God, anybody ... give us more of this fantastic and exciting Star Wars: The Old Republic cinematic HD ecstasy. Please don't let these so few minutes of unbridled science fiction fantasy orgasm be the last of this story.
[Found @ The Uniblog]

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