Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Healther Skelter Jon Stewart

Monkey Washing Cat
"Oh, monkey washing cat, is there no complex social issue you can't cure?"
~ Jon Stewart

Obama CareGimme my bonifide universal socialistic ObamaCare based on tribal Serengeti voodoo magic complete with government run death factories that have big sweaty shamanistic witchdoctors with Bonez-pierced noses wearing scary stinky dead animal costumes sprinkling chicken blood on the sickly frail naked bodies of our nation's white elderly and other unpopular misfits ... that or whatever scares the hell out of the public and kills the most people in an entertaining fashion.


Anonymous said...

Having moved here from Canada I am very familiar with Socialized medicine. There is much that Americans do not understand and even more that is not being told them and/or miss-represented.
Wait until you start seeing trains in hospitals (no rooms, nurses or doctors available because of budgets). The rooms are empty and the patients are in the hallways.
When your father needs to get a defective battery on his recalled defibrillator replaced and they refuse to do it until 7 months later because he was rushed to the hospital due to defibrillator malfunction. (a friend here had the same defective defibrillator and it was replaced 2 days after the recall).
When your mother in law has a cataract in one eye. She finally got an appointment last month to see a specialist in October. At which time they will decide on next steps.
When the hospital sends your father in law home with prostate cancer because the administrators refuse to give him a room. He finally gets in because the doctor told him to fake a major issue (doctor told him what to say) and he gets the operation but no room so he is in the hallway.
When I got operated 3 times in one year because the first doctor screwed it up and I have no recourse.
When I could pay to get the work done but it is illegal for a doctor to provide the service.
When my doctor’s “allocated” monthly hours to practice have been used up and I need to find a different doctor since it is illegal for him to see me until he gets into his next month’s allocation.
When your preferred doctor leaves the country (as many young ones are doing) because the situation is ridiculous.
When you look at your paycheck and compare it with the services you are receiving ( deduction at source) you will understand what I mean.
Now(still talking about Canada) the elderly have to co-pay for their medicine and for the doctors because the system is broke.
My father has blocked veins in his throat and they will NOT perform the necessary operation. Because they see no value in it (probably because he will be 79 this Sept). A friend of mine – 70 years old – had that operation performed here in the USA.
The system here needs “fixing” because parts of it are broken. The fix being presented that is based on socialist applications across the world is absolutely not the right approach.
I may not have read the 1000 page document but I know enough about it by now to know there is no way I want that fix because once implemented it will not change for the better. The reason simply being lack of $ in the budgets!
Are there people making money of the present system – of course. Will people make the same amount of money off the next system – of course. No one can be naive enough to think that it will not happen especially were government bureaucrats and lobbyists are concerned.
I have lived through the single payer system – do not want to do it again. Whatever is being said about this not being true – believe me that is where it will be heading with the presented fix. Just the natural market forces that will be put in play.
Are there good points in the present package – of course there always are. Are there enough to make me feel comfortable – not even close. This is not an “anything is better than nothing situation”. The 50M people with no insurance is not a real number – it does sound good though.
I am not trying to change your mind – this is my opinion based on real life experience and not 2 different political forces trying to convince me.
I wish we would approach this issue independent of politics, then we would get a real fix! But who am I kidding!
I hope this was of some value to you.

I am posting this as "anonymous" only because I don't have an ID. I am not afraid to stand by my words though, and my name is Dominic T.

Bonez said...

Dominic T. ~ Thank you for you great comments and sharing of your experiences with the Canadian healthcare system. From what I can tell (not having read the entire document myself), the proposed system is not based upon the Canadian and I think that it is looking to capitalize on the best business practices of multiple such systems around the world. I know of many who praise the French system (including expats) and other European models. No system is ever perfect and there will always be room for improvements no matter where we (or anyone) goes with healthcare. I find it appalling that you describe what I would have thought of as nearly "third world" conditions in hospitals that are supposed to be so sophisticated and modern. Of course, there are some who would claim that Canada is indeed third world compared to really civilized countries like the United Kingdom or the Netherlands (joking). Again, thank you for sharing your true life experiences with the Canadian healthcare system. I think many U.S. citizens are acting emotionally (both sides of the issue) with no real clue to what it is they are for or against ... having never experienced anything even remotely similar themselves. I wonder how many of those rude and raucous people at those town hall meetings sincerely knew what the hell they were shouting about? From appearances, and the poor way in which they presented themselves and their "arguments" I would say very little, indeed.