Monday, August 24, 2009

My Shadow Aero

2004 Honda Shadow Aero 750Sometimes a love just is not meant to be. My Shadow Spirit proved to be as her name implies ... only a wisp of a dream never to be realized or possessed. She will one day carry another to the heights of highway ecstasy, but not I. Maybe I myself am the fickle lover because I would not allow myself to be had by the scoundrels that had my lusty steel horse on the auction block. I was able to shake the spell of the open road siren's song long enough to see clearly that the deal being struck was no deal at all. In fact, it was a convoluted manipulation of my desires for Spirit and my financial sensibilities. Were they so foolish as to think that I would not see through their ruse of numbers juggling and false promises? But Fate meant for things to run afoul in the bid for My Shadow Spirit. Fate conspired with the motorcycle gods and goddesses to bring me into the knowledge of the bike that was meant for me. The perfect partnering of mechanical seduction to my need for a motorcycle adventure. Thus, Fate brought the 2004 Honda Shadow Aero into my life through the magic of interwebs matchmaking via Craigslist. The image above is an untouched photo depiction of my new love (I mourn Spirit no longer ... the wanton wench!). Below is the beautiful seductive speedstress herself in all of her real life glory.

2004 Honda Shadow Aero 750
2004 Honda Shadow Aero 750No longer a dream but an adrenaline-filled reality, My Shadow Aero now sits safe and pampered in my garage downstairs patiently waiting our next ride. As with most love stories this one is even more complex and filled with twists and turns too numerous to blog at the moment. Some of those intimate details may be revealed in future posts here on Bonez as I bare my heart and soul and continue the journey to discover my true biker self. Hell, I've spent long enough getting in touch with my feminine self even to the point of being falsely accused of being a frakkin' metrosexual. Now it MY TIME. Time to don the do-rag, black tee, faded jeans and combat boots. Time to zip up the jacket, fire up the engine adjust my gloves then enjoy that wonderful feel of the deep rumble between my legs.

Let's Ride!

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