Monday, August 03, 2009

Size DOES Matter for the World's Largest Aquarium

It's nice that the SECOND largest aquarium in the world tries so hard and is proud of their number two world status but the world's largest and most extraordinary aquarium is right here in my own backyard of Atlanta, Georgia. I think that the Russians are secretly making a valiant attempt to build one that will surpass the Georgia Aquarium but we have few more tricks up our proverbial sleeves for expansion that will keep us on top for a long time to come and astound the world. I don't have the security clearance to break the exact details here on Bonez but mark my word that it is coming even if the Russians don't continue their obsessive aquatic pressure tactics. Oh, and the Dubai aquarium wanted to beat out Georgia but only clocked their one millionth visitor in late June. Heck, the Georgia Aquarium probably books a million visitors every other month or so. We don't need no stinkin' oil and blood money to build and maintain the world's largest and most fascinating aquarium. It's an effort of love and devotion to the preservation of nature for us Georgians.

• The Georgia Aquarium has over eight million gallons of water.
• The Georgia Aquarium has the largest collection of aquatic animals.
• The whale shark habitat has 6.3 million gallons of water and measures 284’ long x 126’ wide x 30’ deep. It is the largest single aquarium habitat in the world.

I could tell you more but the Ruskies and Saudis are most likely monitoring Bonez for some inside scoop to backward engineer their own world record breaking attempt.

Atlanta Georgia Aquarium - quick HD tour in high definition from Mark Jensen on Vimeo.


GeologyJoe said...

so is this where Spock and Kirk will show up to steal a whale if the future?

Bonez said...

Hey, if the Japanese have their way aquariums like this may be the only place where whales exist. But seriously, I don't know of any aquarium that has any of the large whales. Don't know that they could survive without great depths.