Monday, August 17, 2009

Twouble with Twitters

Finally, an intelligent representation of what I have always thought about Twitter. Considering myself as someone who readily embraces new technologies and forms of communication I found myself figuratively scratching my head in bewilderment as to what in the world possessed people to become so infatuated with Twittering. Seriously, who sincerely gives a rat's patootie to 99.9999% of the Twitters the Twits are Twittering? What sort of ego-maniacal personality does it take to text what one is eating or reading or whatever-ing to a mass of absolute virtual strangers who sincerely don't give a spit about the Twittering Twitter's Twit they just received? Isn't it really about someone wishing that someone else gave a damn about their lives? Even if those someone elses were complete strangers they would never meet or could care less if the Twitterer Twitted or not?
Twitter Last Judgement
Is the vast Twitter zombie army an indication that our society is a bunch of clueless lost souls without any real lives that have too much time on their hands and text out their mundane existence into the soulless cyber-void in hopes of connecting with other clueless lost souls with no real lives? Methinks it is all much ado about nothing ... but you won't find me Twittering that any time soon.

Actually, I have nearly as much of an aversion to the legion of Facebook gangstas who are always mobbing me with invites and promises of a continual virtual party online with all of our mutual friends. In some ways, the Twittering Twitter Twits are less obnoxious and more subdued in their recruitment tactics. However, I do see the curse of Facebook addiction as being somewhat similar to the addiction of blogging. Being an obvious victim/addict of the latter, I can personally attest that the desire to communicate one's thoughts to a hostile and uncaring world is more the byproduct of a frustrated creative writer or storyteller than the ludicrous pie in the sky daydream of convincing oneself that anyone "out there" really cares about what we do or say as appears is the case for the Facebook Mafia and the Twitter Twits.

Twitter Burma Shave


[Video found @ For Myself and Strangers which directed me to Boing Boing]


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on this one.I don't Twitter,and have no desire to start.

Bonez said...

thinkinfyou ~ Have you succumbed to the Facebook allure? I gave it a shot and was sorely disappointed in what it really delivered for me. It did not fit my need for a social networking tool that could assist in heightening my career objectives. For that, I am now a big user of LinkedIn and Plaxo. Facebook succeeded in becoming one of the greatest time wasting blackholes sucking the very life out of my internet experience.

Wayne John said...

It can be all that you said, or it can be incredibly different.

Twitter is, for the most part and for many people, a great waste of time. But for those that can harness it, it can drive great amounts of traffic to any destination, and be quite targeted as well.

I think you're missing that point. If you look at it for just what it is on the surface, you are right. There is soooo much more to offer someone with a blog though that I don't think you're seeing. ;) Just my two cents, and a hint for you.

Bonez said...

Wayne John ~ Always good to hear from you, Sir. I agree that I am probably missing the point of what a great tool Twitter can be commercially. I know that many businesses are utilizing Twitter, Facebook and Blogs to garner attention to their branding. But that doesn't necessarily make it a good thing :) Of course, if I truly understood the value of Twitter then I would not have had the fun of railing against something in my ignorance and making an interesting post for Bonez. So, I am always open for ideas and would like to learn more of how you think Twitter can help drive quality traffic to Bonez. If convinced and it does indeed work then I will recant my slanderous post by writing one that praises the glories that are Twitteriffic. Send all Twitter educational correspondence to