Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Right Here Right Now

Dali Soft Watch 1954One of my personal greatest challenges in my spiritual journey is to stay in the present moment. It is way too easy for me to think about something else in the past or to find myself contemplating and worrying about what may or may not happen in the future. When I do catch myself and stop to consider this behavior I realize what a true waste of time it is and what a barrier it is to my spiritual growth. The past is long gone and the future is not here yet so all I really have is the Right Here Right Now.

Right Here Right Now.

In this Right Now moment I am blessed to realize that all of my needs are met and that abundance abounds. The only time it seems as if my needs are not being met are when my thoughts are diverted to the future or the living in the past. Right Now is the time for me to know that my life is perfect, whole and complete just as it is no matter how it may appear to others. Right Now is the time for me to acknowledge that the loving One That Is All is Right Now within me always guiding and directing so I may experience this human existence as my intention. In this Right Now moment I am grateful for all that I have and all that I am. All that I am Right Now for Right Now is all there is. From this manifestation of genuine gratitude and knowing I experience my greatest sense of well-being and sincerely see that all is definitely well.

Every day I wake up in the Right Now moment and focus on my first cognizant breaths of life for the day. Just this NOW, just this moment ... thank you Father Mother God. Thank you for the awareness of the Right Now moment. Thank you, God that you are Right Now expressing yourself fully and completely in every aspect of my life. I am aware that Right Now is all there is. I gratefully accept that Right Now all my needs are met and I live life fully in Spirit, Truth, Peace and Joy.

No matter what else may appear to others. Inside ... the Real Me, the Who I Am ... is at Peace that passes all understanding.

Amen and Amen.


Anonymous said...

That was really beautiful,Tony.

Bonez said...

thinkinfyou ~ Thank you for seeing your own reflection in the mirror of my words and life.