Thursday, October 08, 2009

2 Girls 2 Cups

Remember 2 Girls 1 Sub? And don't even mention that horrific gross-out underground viral classic 2 Girls 1 Cup to me. Dagnabbit! Oops, I Britney Speared all over myself and did it again. Where's GeologyJoe when I need a good scapegoat to bail me out? Anywho, continuing with the versatile theme of two young women and some number of objects including but not limited to cups and sub sandwiches, we have two lovely ladies from Lulu and the Lampshades performing some very impressive moves with empty yogurt cups. In real life, their list of instruments also includes ukuleles and nipple tassels. Nipple tassels? Not quite sure how you would play a nipple tassel but I will take their word for it and anxiously await the nipple tassel instrument demonstration. They are singing a version of their song “You're Gonna Miss Me" and I think they've earned the right for Bonez readers to give them a further look-see.

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