Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mature Babes Work It Harder Better Faster Stronger

FINALLY, some adult women step up to the Daft Punk plate and hit a frakkin' home-run with their rendition of the "Harder Better Faster Stronger" punk robot body dance. I'm surprised this video has not already gone viral as there is nothing that comes close to it since the original Daft Bodies that was reported here on Bonez way back in intarwebs time of November 21, 2007. Ripley's Believe It or Not that post, Daft Punk Robot Sex Dolls has rarely not been on the Bonez daily (not Weekly, not Monthly, but DAILY) top hits list for almost three solid years (2 years, 10 months, and 15 days as of this writing to be slightly more exact).

I know, I know ... your jaw just dropped to the floor in awe and you cannot help but ask, "Why?" Well, it is really quite simple people ... you are living breathing witnesses to a timeless classic in the making. A worldwide phenomena that will become a part of common human tradition and legend. Our grandchildren's grandchildren and on through the endless expanse of eternity of time (that doesn't really exist if you are to believe quantum physicists and Deepak Chopra) millions, nee billions will dance the Daft Punk body dance in near religious rituals and rites all around the world. In those untold eons in the future that may actually be our deep dark past or our innumerable alternative selves' present, all of humanity (and possibly alien/human hybrids) will do the body dance of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and France will have finally left it's lasting mark upon our species. And you thought that legacy would be the french tickler ... er ... fry.

With this fresh insight into the significance of the above video upon our lives and the future of our planet, please hit "replay" and soak in the flow of sensual energies that will raise you to new heights of spiritual ecstasy and enlightenment. Bask in the knowledge that you no longer have to live in fear of the embarrassment of accidental exposure of those inspiring words you scrawled in black magic marker upon your sweaty flesh. You are now safe in the understanding that you are but a sacred high priest or priestess of the Daft Punk Harder Better Faster Stronger one true cult. And besides, now you don't have to hide under that hot aluminum foil fake robot head any longer.

Stand up!
Take off your clothes!

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

Sweet Zombie Jesus and Hallelujah, Sister Mary Elephant. Now pass those freakin' French fries and let's play that video one more time for the road.


GeologyJoe said...

nice lookin' curvy girls.
Perhaps there are some Queen songs that they could do next.

Bonez said...

GeologyJoe ~ Dude, if you say "Fat Bottomed Girls" I am going to ... um ... dang it! You tricked me! You didn't say it, I did! Dagnabbit! I hate it when you do that to me.