Sunday, November 01, 2009

Man Song = Wussies Accept Demasculination

[Song by Sean Morey]

Sorry folks, but "The Man Song" is NOT funny. Those laughing the hardest are most likely the ones who can truly sing the song knowing it is wholly true for their lives and their decision on how to live it. That or they are the actual abusing spouse ... yes, I said, "ABUSING" because that is what it is. The denigration and emotional caging of anyone is absolute abuse and dehumanizing and is wrong. What a sorry commentary this song presents of love relationships and what many men feel they must put up with to find "peace" in their homes. They are told they must surrender who they really are and accept emotional castration in hope of winning the favor of their spouse. They give up their personal "power" in thinking they will find tranquility and perhaps sexual reward after such humbling. The fact is, most will only find depression in this perceived forced submissive behavior and will never obtain the happiness or a loving relationship they genuinely seek.

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