Friday, June 25, 2010

Lingerie Model Elizabeth Cruz and a Road Rage Performance Custom Chopper

Video by Road Rage Performance
In this video tall and lean bikini model Elizabeth Cruz poses with "Kiss My Brass" a Custom Built Road Rage Performance bike in some sexy tasteful black lingerie.


Anonymous said...

What is she? Twelve? She looks REALLY YOUNG in the face.

Bonez said...

I had to watch this video a few dozen more times in order to appropriately answer you inquiry, Mr/Ms Anonymous. No, I do not think that she's twelve years old. I would say she's at least 19 and more likely in her mid twenties. It's in her eyes. Did you notice her eyes? Yeah, play it through a couple more times and you will see what I mean. No twelve year old (unless she's from one of those states that gets 'em started way young or something) could give you those sultry womanly-knowing looks and pack the depth she does so well. Granted, she looks younger than she is but her eyes tell the true story ... that and the way she moves all over that bike like she knows what it is doing to ya. Like she's .... um, er ... so no, I think she's a lot older than twelve.