Monday, July 05, 2010

Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque

[Original article by Sweden's whathitthefan with only grammar, punctuation, and capitalization corrected by Bonez staff. Additional Bonez recommended story 'The Sad, True Story of the Ground Zero Mosque' by Brendon O'Connor at The Awl]

Ground Zero Mosque Imam makes threats, "we build or Muslims will attack".

After a PR trip to the dictatorships in the middle east, the well connected Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf appeared on CNN yesterday.

There he made it clear that the Cordoba House will be built. He also said that moving the mosque to another location will enrage Muslims worldwide, it will create explosive anger in the Muslim world and it will result in unspecified attacks. It will affect the national security of the USA the Imam said.

In other words, he said that "we build at ground zero, or else..."

Anderson Cooper and other CNN regulars tried to make excuses for the Imam. They were making constant excuses promoting the radical Imam as a moderate Muslim.  They sounded as his PR staff ignoring the threats he made and the provocation this mosque is and were constantly interrupting the two guests opposing the mosque.

One of the partners is the site was a waiter a few years back working for minimum wage. The owners' assets were 18,000 dollars some time ago. Now they are handling tens of millions of dollars in real estate investments, nobody explained where they got the money.

The New York Mayor Bloomberg is supporting the mosque at ground zero, he loves the idea.

Barack Obama is also supporting the construction of the mosque at ground zero. After hearing about the construction Obama was so happy about the mosque construction that he hired the Imam for a Public Relations trip to the middle east which was just completed. The American taxpayers are paying for the Imam and his trip to the middle east. The Imam and Obama are not saying if the trip was used to raise money from dictators or terror supporters for the mosque at ground zero. The secret is not out. The Obama administration is now funding the construction of many mosques in many different countries.

The building of a mosque at ground zero and the planned inauguration on September 11, 2011, the day of the ten year anniversary of  9-11 is a provocation. Historically Muslims mark captured ground with symbols or mosques. It's a Muslim way of marking the battlefield and putting a victory mark in the ground to demand submission.

To do this on the 10 year anniversary is to celebrate the attack and mass murder. It's a statement to Americans, "remember what we did to you and can do again unless you submit, and look what we replaced your buildings with, we destroyed your pride and built our own mark of pride there.

Caliphate of Cordoba was the Islamic capital in Spain after the Muslims (Moors) invaded Europe. They remained there from 711 to the 10th century. It became a symbol of Islamic new territorial conquest. The third largest mosque was built here.

The Muslims were driven out from Cordoba as part of the Reconquista in 1236.

The Muslims are planning to call the mosque at ground zero the "Cordoba House". It is located only two buildings (two blocks) away from the burial site at ground zero where Muslim terrorists committed the largest mass murder in modern history.

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