Monday, April 18, 2011

Cake or Death, You Nazi Shithead

Eddie Izzard is an English stand up comedian that delivers some of the funniest monologues that just crack me up. He's greatly influenced by Monty Python and one-ups them in many ways. He's the funniest drag queen I've ever listened to. Come to think of it, he's the ONLY drag queen I've ever listened to. Actually, he's not a real drag queen but only plays one for money. At least I think so so it won't be too gay for me to admit I like him. Not that I am worried about being construed as gay or anything. Thank you, Linda A. for introducing me to Mr. Izzard's work and trusting that he would not turn me gay.

I have been absent for far too long from my Love, them BONEZ. I kept an eye on her from a distance and observed how Markoni performed occasional blog CPR on her to keep that barely perceptible ember spark of life glowing oh so faintly. I am grateful to him and my other true Friends who let me know they longed for the past glory of what so many called their daily dose of BONEZ to be revived, nay raised from the proverbial ashes, to once again pump its virtual blog fist at the heavens and shout, "WHAT THE Phở?!?". I will not allow the screen scratching Stalker to scare me into pulling my blog covers over my head and hiding my candle under a bushel any longer. That is not who I really am and it is about time I take my stand and get back in the writing and blogging saddle and reclaim my cyberspace niche.

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