Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm a Freak Bitch, Baby I Don't Wanna be Friends

I have a confession to make.

I choose right now to boldly step out of the closet and admit my dark secret infatuation for Lady GaGa. There, I did it and I am not ashamed. Yes true BONEZ believers, that strange ... nee, Bizarre sexy nymph over-the-top songstress has captivated my sweaty music video psycho-sexual fantasies. In doing so, Lady GaGa has accomplished what no other pop diva could have hoped for and dethroned the Material Girl Like a Virgin Madonna who reigned over my deeply buried fetish urges for the last twenty-something years. I do not care how un-Biker-like it may be to come clean with this confession. I do so with full understanding that I may well become a marked man for ridicule and derision in the Biker Community at large. DILLIGAF? Of course not. Ride your own ride, Baby, and mine is Lady GaGa ... at least for this post.

I do not know what attracts me so much to her art (yes, I believe it is ART and superb showmanship). Maybe it is the combination of psycho-sexual innuendo, classic glamor infused with fantasy and science fiction anime-like qualities ... every fanboy's fetish wet dream? Her songs get caught up in my head and I find myself mentally singing,

"I want your love
I want your love"

over and over and it actually makes me feel good and light spirited in my stressful corporate shark infested world. And if it makes me feel good then it is good for me and true to my real nature. Thus, I am going with it and openly confessing my devotion to Lady GaGa here in front of the whole multitude of BONEZ fanatics... all three or five of them.

"I want your ugly
I want your disease
I want your everything
As long as it’s free
I want your love
I want your love"

Hell, I do not even know what most of the words really mean, but it is so much fun in my brain and it makes my heart leap. The wicked vision she creates through her videos makes it all such a wonderful escapist excursion into her questionable manipulated reality and I do not care that others know I Live there for brief moments. It helps me cope with the steaming pile of feces that my own reality sometimes becomes and gives me renewed hope and strength that I will turn that pile of crap into a better tomorrow ... tomorrow. Isn't that what ART does? Inspires us to better tomorrows?

Just to show that I am not totally GaGa over the Lady I give you Caught in a bad BROmance created by some sick brethren that will have you singing

Want your bad " BROmance.

Ra Ra Ooo Rah Rah a Bad BROmance Part Deux with an even sicker version of just plain outright Wrongness. I Don't Wanna be Friends!

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