Friday, May 20, 2011

End Of The World More Fun Than Anticipated

Scientists, Theologians, Political Pundits, Celebrities (including Saint Britney below) and regular ol' Joes and Janes on the street are predicting that the End of the World (EOTW) will be much more fun than first anticipated.

Saint Britney tells us in her sacred music video that we can get all sweaty at our local Rave with tons of hot twenty-somethings and dance the apocalypse away in the sewers. Imagine how wonderful it will be when we all emerge from the manholes with the beautiful sun shining just as it always has and the EOTW nowhere in sight. Now THAT is a message of hope and peace and not one of death, doom, destruction, and insane angry Gods. Gods who love us so much that they are insanely jealous and will kill every living creature and blow up their universe to show us just how pissed they really are at their loving spirit children. "THERE! Take THAT you naughty little children that I Love so dearly." "Bad Earth, I have to blow you up to show you just how much I really really Love you!"

Of course, Jesus the Christ himself told everyone that this sort of stupid thing would happen and that many would come out of nowhere crying, "The end is near!" and that they possessed some sort of secret knowledge to save us all and some would even claim to be the Messiah him/herself. In fact, some of these false prophets will be so convincing that they could or would deceive even the sanest and staunch true Believer ... like these guys who are obviously totally oblivious to the insanity, they are destroying their very lives, businesses, and families with. Wonder what they will be doing the morning of May 22nd, 2011 ...

I know, I know, I know ... why would Harold Camping and his horde of mindless zombie followers listen to what Jesus Christ said? They nor the established "church" have ever taken anything he really said to heart or they would not be in between the rock and a hard place they find themselves in on this eve of doomsday.

Wanna know what really pisses me off? What makes me really angry are how many people will be misled or deceived into having a really bad Saturday instead of enjoying it to its fullest potential. How many poor, unable to think for themselves folks will end their own lives or do stupid things like selling all their junk and stand in the middle of the street naked, arms raised to the skies waiting to embrace the returning Jesus in the clouds. Of course, only "born again Christians" will be so lucky to be snatched up out of harm's way of the worldwide earthquake ... yet that Christian God Loves EVERYONE ... wow, talk about a mixed message.

It is my opinion that Harold Camping and his ilk are emotional vampire dicks who feed off of the fear and guilt they generate through deception and terroristic stories of eternal damnation and suffering. They gain their false sense of power from how many people they can dupe into believing them as authorities on what God really wants. Yeah, like God really wants you to give these jerks your money and your very soul. Asshats.

Oh, and to think that it took the "Gay Movement" in America to finally tick God off enough to pull the plug on his/her entire creation. So, Harold Camping is personifying God with his own homophobic tendencies. Guess you can't burn the Gays without a little collateral damage ... like THE ENTIRE HUMAN FRAKKIN RACE! Sheesh.

If there is a Hell then Harold Camping and others like him have their own special reserved torture chambers awaiting them.

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