Monday, May 02, 2011

FEAR Monkey On My Back

Fear is the monkey on my back. At least for this moment. I seem to have invited and allowed this silly beast to perch atop my shoulders the last few weeks or so. No matter how much I try to ignore his pestering antics he keeps clinging to me and chattering his monkey chatter into my mental ear. He thinks he is a really smart monkey, but I am on to him now and he doesn't have long before he is history. See, he can talk ... not just the standard acceptable monkey talk stuff but with real words that we human beings can understand. At least, this sly little monkey wants me to think I understand. But the truth is that if I fully understood then he would no longer have a job and I would be free of his incessant monkey drivel assaulting my brain. I do not have to listen to this taunting monkey and his words of deception. I make the choice at this moment to send him on his way because I no longer find his presence useful to my process of dealing with today's issues.

I like The Passenger because the character identifies his Fear beast and then learns how to control it and turn it to something that can be useful for him. Just like him, I am grateful my Fear Monkey brought me to a place of awareness of the potential dangers ahead of me. But, I know I am the one who truly controls his grip on my mind and I will not allow it into my heart. I choose to take his monkey guidance and direct them into positive and useful actions to bring a resolution that is best for me and who I am and in line with my values and goals.

Bye bye, Silly Monkey.

Ah, that feels much better ...

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Anonymous said...

that silly Monkey,,,what he know anyways? ky