Friday, May 27, 2011

Lean Meat with a Crusty Top

Just like Mrs. Mac's meat pies, my life is pretty much some awesomely delicious lean meat with a crusty top called the school of hard knocks wisdom tempering it. Funny what truth we can glean and apply to our lives even from a silly tantalizing (or is that titillating?) commercial. This is an example of what I mean when I tell people that they can hear God's voice everywhere and at any time through any medium and often in the most unlikely of places and situations. Those who have ears to hear ...

Bonez on his Ride in KentuckyBonez ... also known as ME, MYSELF and I, will be riding up to the Lexington, Kentucky area today to meet up with my best friend for Life, Captain Willie Lee (HawkEye) Payne. He and I have been best friends since we were about fourteen and have saved each other's lives numerous times so we are continually indebted to put up with each other's crap till we croak. I would include a picture of him and his ride (2010 H-D Road King ├╝ber customized and schmexxy as all git out) but that would take away from a fairly good shot of me and my ride (2010 H-D Dyna Super Glide Custom even schmexxier than Captain Willie Lee's two-wheeled babe). Since this IS my home turf I will play my home turf trump card this time and save pictures of him and his sweet ride for another post or three. Okay, who am I kidding here? I can't resist posting another pic of my beauty (still as yet unnamed) and it so happens Willie Lee's heartthrob is in it so itRoad King and Super Glide Custom Brothers serves a dual purpose. Note, this shot was before I installed my wickedly cool skeleton hands holding coffins mirrors and she's pretty dirty after a thousand miles or so of hard riding so look beyond that and see her inner beauty and power. Okay, you see his bike but I refuse to cave in and post a picture of him until he reads this post and gives me sh*t over it.

Wow, what is all the above about? Well, primarily, I am supposed to be packing the bike right this minute and getting my tired butt on it and heading up North. I am in for a long weekend of riding twisties in the Blue Ridge Smokies, eating lots of grilled animal carcass, shooting handguns and AR-15's and anything else we can get some ammo for, riding some more twisties, and enjoying the natural magnificence of Creation we are so blessed to inhabit at a level most people never experience. Definitely one of those "if you don't ride you don't know" moments that I will hold dear in my memories until the aforementioned day I croak. So ... am I packing and loading and riding at this very moment? No, Ma'am (or Sir as the case may be). I am sitting here naked tapping out another Bonez blog post to let some of my pent up emotions become exposed (get it? I'm naked and "exposing" my emotions .... hahaha, I crack myself up sometimes) to a faceless mass of strange electronic visitors. How's that for a blogging addiction?

Okay, time for me to stop self-indulging and unstick my bare buns from this leather and get geared up and out of here on my weekend adventure. I will leave you, Dear Reader, with a reminder of what this weekend is really all about least you forget. I can NEVER forget and will always be eternally grateful for those who gave all so that I can sit here naked and type rambling nonsense in FREEDOM. Ride Safe and Ride Free.

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