Friday, January 25, 2019

19-01-18 Freaky Friday Fun

12 Savory Facts about Bacon (via Mental Floss)

Get your Armed Forces Gear Here (via Armed Forces Gear)

Before the X-Files, there was - The Invaders (via Neatorama)

AI Found a Possible ET Radio Signal (via True Strange Library)

52 of the World’s Most Out-There Myths About Food (via Atlas Obscura)

Teenage Diver Finds Tons Of Golf Balls Rotting Off California (via NPR)

Is Coconut Oil All It's Cracked Up To Be? Get The Facts On This Faddish Fat (via NPR)

A naked lady driving backward in a Mercedes busted in Florida (via TCPalm.)

Less beef, more beans. Experts say the world needs a new diet (via AP News)

Japanese Food - FUGU SAKE, OCTOPUS, SQUID Seafood Sushi Teruzushi Japan (via Travel Thirsty)

Get outside and look up at the full moon this weekend to catch the last total lunar eclipse until 2021 (via National Geographic)

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