Friday, February 08, 2019

19-02-08 Freaky Friday Fun

55 Catastrophic Star Wars Costume Fails (via The Swedish Bed)

Photos of the Land Where Dolly Parton Is Benefactor, Muse, and Queen (via VICE)

60 Crazy Medical Practices Doctors Thought Made Sense (via History Daily)

Big Foot is a Ghost or an Interdimensional Entity (via Week In Weird)

Man Spotted Asleep Behind the Wheel of  a Tesla on the Highway (via Geekologie)

E-Cigarettes Really Can Help You Quit Smoking, Large New Study Finds (via Gizmodo)

Each State’s Most Streamed TV Show in 2018 (via Mental Floss)

Baby Born From the Dead? (via Neatorama)

American Democrats are NOT Capitalists or Socialists (via The Hill)

Battery Fueled by Iron and Water Could Transform the Power Grid (via The Good Stuff)

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