Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Amazing! Build Your Own Backyard Bass Pond

Build a Backyard Bass Pond Day 1

Build a Backyard Bass Pond Day 2

Adding the fish!

Releasing Pet Bass into the Backyard Pond

Micro Fishing for Pet Crappie - Fun Times!

One of my dreams come true in real life for BamaBass. Not that I can afford to do what BamaBass has accomplished. I am more than likely to live the life of LifeBuzzN or Paw Paw (of 'Do It For Cheap' fame), or maybe the Homesteading Family or many other great Americans who are living a more simple life and building true peace and contentment with what Life has to offer.  Expect to see many more great American homesteaders, preppers, and just downright good folk going back to the basics of good healthy living featured here on Bonez. Thank you to BamaBass for inspiring so many.

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