Monday, February 18, 2019

Biker Rock Music Mongolian Style - The HU

The official music video for The HU's "Wolf Totem"
The HU is a Mongolian band that plays Hunnu Rock with Mongolian instrumentation, like a horsehead fiddle (morin khuur), Jew's harp (tumur khuur) and Mongolian guitar (tovshuur), and Mongolian throat singing, with the pounding bass and drums of rock. The band plans to release its first album in Spring 2019, entitled Gereg, the name for a diplomatic passport used during the time of Genghis Khan. They said they have worked on it for seven years and it will contain nine tracks. The band calls their style of music "hunnu rock", (hunnu aka hun) hu being a Mongolian root word for "human". Hunnu is an ancient empire that was present in central Asia and in present-day Mongolian territory around 210 BC. In the west, they are known as the Huns, yes, as in Atilla the Hun.

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