Monday, February 18, 2019

Oh snap! It's Candwich

The Candwich, A Complete History of the World’s Only Sandwich in a Can (via The Surfing Pizza)

Visit the Candwich website. But when you click on their Store be prepared to see the following,
"Candwich is on back order, so order today and get a 25% discount!
Due to overwhelming orders from government disaster agencies responding to hurricane, our production partner has been running 24/7. They are adding equipment to create some production room for Candwich. We anticipate shipping orders to begin shipping by April. We apologize for the delay. be shocked if the mystery deepens by the fact everything is on back order and you can't really order anything."
According to my research that was supposed to have been April of 2017 or at best, 2018! I can find nothing that lets us know if Candwich is still in business or not which makes the commercial and Candwich somewhat of a continuing internet mystery.

If you have any experiences with a Candwich or have more information on their whereabouts, please leave a comment below.

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