Friday, March 01, 2019

19-03-01 Linx of the Preternatural, Prodigious, and Propaedeutic

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets the superhero treatment in an upcoming comic book (via The Daily Dot)

Revealed: Facebook's internal rulebook on sex, terrorism, and violence. Leaked policies guiding moderators on what content to allow are likely to fuel debate about social media giant’s ethics. (via The Guardian)

400,000 LEGO Used to Create Full-Size Volkswagen Camper (via Neatorama)

THE TRAUMA FLOOR - The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America (via The Verge)

5 Tips on Surviving Our Impending Killer Alien Attack (via The Mary Sue)

The Saturn V Story: From Nazi Roots to America's Moon Rocket (via Popular Mechanics)

Man hunts for paranormal and haunted objects as his fulltime job (via Bored Panda)

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