Saturday, March 02, 2019

19-03-02 Linx of the Preternatural, Prodigious, and Propaedeutic

Peter Fonda rides the Captain America chopper. Credit: Topham/Topham Picturepoint/Press Association Images
Vandals Steal Head Of 800-Year-Old Mummy In Ireland (via NPR)

9 Creepiest Ocean Discoveries (via They Will Kill You)

Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are turning our lives into a horrific Ray Bradbury novel (via Vanity Fair)

22 Old Weather Proverbs That Are Actually True (via The Art of Manliness)

Man Disappears In Brazil, Leaves Behind Locked Room With 14 Books Of Encrypted Text And A $2500 Statue (via Bored Panda)

10 Most Insane Requirements of The Green New Deal. The Green New Deal is not just un-American, it is completely bonkers. (via The Federalist)

10 Ways to Dress Up and Improve a Frozen Pizza (via ManMade)

Behind The Motorcycles In ‘Easy Rider,’ A Long-Obscured Story That Left Out The Two African-Americans Who Actually Built Them (via Insane Throttle Biker News)

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